Meet someone instantly, instead of endless swiping & texting

Video speed dating, every Wednesday, to find long-term love

What we're about

Real and authentic

Instantly meet, on video

Safe and fun

How we're different

😄 No cat-fishing

👉 No swiping

📄 No profiles

💬 No texting

No catfishing

Each week you dress up and start the app. Then you meet 5 people via video — no chance of a photo from 10 years ago!

No swiping, no profiles

Video dates last 5 minutes, and we give you prompts of what to talk about.

We automatically pair you with people based on your values, not physical appearance.

Not based on your race, height, income... Just values.

No texting!

Instead of getting to know someone from a profile and texts, you talk to them. Live, just like on FaceTime! No confusing "what did that text mean?"

After you match, exchange voice messages and go on video dates together, until you're ready to meet in-person. (Coming soon)

Stay focused and excited

On Couple Up, you can have up to 5 matches at a time. You're always focused on the people you're excited about — and know they're excited about you.

No more overwhelming list of matches that aren't talking to you! (coming soon)

Ready for dating to be fun again?

Host an event!

Have a community of your own? Or are you a coach/therapist who focuses on single people?

We can host video speed dating events for you! You can even give a talk or workshop during the event, and put people into paired shares.

We're #buildingInPublic!

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Thank you, we'll be in touch!

We're first launching in the San Francisco Bay Area, for straight people in their 30s.

We periodically offer events for singles anywhere, any age, on the iPhone as well, and we'll let you know!

Soon we'll expand to everyone, and offer an Android app too.

Good luck dating!